19 Aug

A strapless bra is something that every woman needs to have in her lingerie closet; not just for those date nights but for all those times when she wants freedom from straps. It is one bra that holds your breasts in position, gives them a rounder and smooth shape and lets you wear all your off-shoulder dresses with style. And let’s not forget the comfort factor.

  • The perfect size 

Most women go about wearing a bra that is almost always a band size too large for them. They might get away with it because those bras have straps to hold the bra and your breasts in place but if you do not wear a perfect size strapless bra you are in for some embarrassing moments. This is the reason why you should buy your strapless bra in a size that is smaller than your regular bra size because in this case, the only support your breasts are getting is from the band. Make sure the band isn't so tight that it starts to dig into your skin.

  • The silicon stick on

The adhesive on this bra is generally harmless to the skin and if you do not have a particular allergy to it and you feel comfortable without a bra band, you can go in for the stick-on bra.

  • Go in for a convertible strapless bra

Most strapless bras are convertible bras unless you are going in for a tube or a bandeau bra. The convertible feature allows you to not only remove either both the bra straps or just one in case you are going in for a single shoulder or halter neck dress.

  • For big bust women

Women with a large breast size can also wear a strapless but they must always buy strapless bra from a trusted brand like Clovia, which makes strapless bras especially for plus size women.

  • Regular strapless or a tube bra

Bandeaus or tube bras are great for coverage but do not give as much support or separation as a convertible strapless. Agreed that they do not have the hook and closure and give you a seamless look at the back but if you are well endowed and are looking for good support then tube bra is not the kind of strapless bra you are looking for. A molded cup strapless bra gives a smoother and rounder look to your breasts than a tube bra. It also gives your breasts good support, a good lift and a separated look at the front rather than a uni-boob look that you get with a tube bra. On the other hand, a lace tube bra looks super chic and can also be worn simply under a denim jacket for a luncheon date.

  • There is a difference between a regular bra and a strapless bra

The strapless bra is meant to give your breasts a lift and support even without the help of the straps and its cups are molded in a special way to do that. A regular bra will not stay in place without its straps but a strapless bra will.

  • The right variant of strapless bra for you

There are plunge strapless bras which are great for your plunging neckline dresses. Backless bras that have transparent straps are perfect for your backless dresses. Since most strapless bras are convertible, you can adjust the straps multiway so that they don't show from under your off-shoulder and you continue to get the extra support. A push-up strapless bra is just the thing you need when you want to glam up your cleavage in your cocktail evening gown. It gives just the right amount of lift to your breasts and does away with the ugly straps.

These strapless beauties have the power to not only lift your breasts but your spirits by making you look glamorous.

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